You know the saying Possession is 9/10ths of the law? Today I would like to suggest that walking is 9/10ths of walking well.

In order to walk well, you actually have to get out and go for a walk! I can spend hours advising people about the perfect shoes and making them the best orthotics that money can buy. But all that effort is wasted if they just slump in an easy chair staring blankly at a TV or computer monitor.

Today was a beautiful late winter day in New Hampshire, so I took a long ramble through the woods with my camera. The snow was melting and around every corner I could hear water dripping and trickling in streams.  The perfect sunlight made every leaf seem portrait-worthy. Before I knew it, I had been wandering around for hours.

At the bottom of this blog is a slideshow of some of the sights I saw today. But before you look, I want you to resolve to take your feet outside. Do it soon. Walk on something that isn’t pavement. Don’t be on your way to anywhere. Clear your mind of everything and let God speak to you through his creation. Walk well.

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